Cremation Options

A Compassionate and Caring Choice

Thank you for looking into our pet cremation options. What makes Pet Cremation Iowa different than any other pet loss center on cremation provider, is that we believe pets deserve the same dignity and respect as humans do at their time of death. We only offer private cremations, even if you choose not to have your pet returned to you. The true definition of a private cremation is one pet in the cremation chamber at a time.

Cremation Options


What you need to know about our Pet Cremation process

– A cot and blanket for transportation and cremation (no plastic garbage bags).
– Same day transportation for your home to clinic (no freezer stacking storage).
– Transportation using only a clean passenger vehicle (no cargo vans or pick-up trucks).
– A banded tracking system that is exactly the same as used for human family members.
– Next day return of ashes in most cases. No longer than 48 hours (no waiting a week to ten days).
– Return of ashes by our staff to your home of clinic (never by mail or common carrier).

Pet Cremation Iowa offers only one type of pet cremation: Private Cremation.

Pet Cremation Iowa does not offer communal cremation which can be less expensive, but less beneficial to the grieving process.

Cremation Services

Pet Cremations is carried out using the same techniques are human cremation. The process uses exposure to high heat to transform your pet’s remains to their basic element, resulting in a smaller quality of ashes or “cremains” (short for “cremated remains”).

We believe pets are family and to memorialize them the cremains are not to be intermingled with other pets. Choose private cremation if you want your pet’s ashes returned to you. Many of the families we serve elect this option if they intend to memorialize their pets in a personal way, whether by scattering them in a location that’s significant to you and your pet or by placing them in a special commemorative urn to keep close to you. You may also wish to have your pet’s cremated remains incorporated into a special piece of memorial jewelry.

Burial Services

Traditional in-ground burial may also be an appropriate option for your family. To choose a burial location, either consult with local authorities or contact our office for recommended sites where your pet’s remains will not be disturbed in the future. We offer a variety of beautiful pet caskets or welcome your appropriate alternative burial container of choice.

Whether you choose a cremation or burial service, you may also elect to hold a pet funeral, memorial service or committal ceremony. Contact our staff today for pricing information and assistance selecting the final arrangements that will best memorialize your pet’s life.


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