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Pet loss is one of the saddest parts of life. What do you do if your pet passes away at home? At the Vet Clinic? While you’re on vacation? Answers to these questions and all of your options are here — on this website for your private viewing.


Thank you for choosing Pet Cremation Iowa for the final care of your precious pet. It’s important for you to know that we feel that all pets should be treated with the same dignity and respect in death, as humans receive. Many people have asked us what will happen with their pet from the time they come into our care. It’s our philosophy to be totally transparent, therefore we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for your peace of mind.

Will my Veterinarian ask me if I want my pet cremated and returned to me?

Not necessarily. Some veterinarians are better informed and more likely than others to provide your cremation information options to you. If you want to have cremation and have your pet’s cremated remains returned to you, it is your right to do so. If you would like us to handle this for you, just give us a call and we’ll make arrangements with you and your veterinarian to make sure your wishes are honored.

What will happen to my pet after euthanasia?

This is such an important question and one you need to ask your vet — before he or she euthanizes your beloved pet.  Many veterinarians have a relationship with a local pet crematory service.  Ask who that is.  Find out about their reputation, prices and individual private cremate, semi-private cremation or columbarian cremation.

When will my pet be returned to me?

A pet director from Pet Cremation Iowa will coordinate with you or your veterinarian at the time of death to schedule the delivery or pick up of your pet’s ashes. 

Can I have my pet cremated within 24 hours?

In most instances, yes. However depending on our current call volume, day and time your pet passes away, in some instances pets are returned within 48 hours.


How will I know that the pet returned to me is mine?

At Pet Cremation Iowa, we only conduct private cremations. All our documents disclose that your pet will be cremated privately. When your pet is returned you will also receive a certificate stating that your pet was privately cremated though our pet crematory. We also use a pet tracking tag that will remain with your pet at all times.

Where will my pet be until the cremation process takes place?

Pe Your pet will remain in Pet Cremation Iowa’s care with proper identification until the time of the cremation process. Your pet will remain wrapped in their blanket, pet bed or with any other personal items they were received with until the cremation process takes place. 

Can I witness or be present at my pet’s cremation?

Yes. In order for this to happen, when your pet is brought into our care, you must let your Pet Cremation Iowa director know, so they can co-ordinate a time for your participation. There is no additional fee for this.

How long does the cremation process take?

The answer is – that depends. An individual cremation will vary in time depending on the size of the pet. A small pet, for example a cat would take approximately an hour, where a Great Dane may take two and a half to three hours. This also depends on the weather outside. The retort (cremating machine) has to reach a certain degree before the pet can be placed inside. The colder it is outside the longer it takes for the machine to heat up.  This is a process that cannot be hurried and may vary slightly.

How will my pet come back to me?

When your Pet Cremation Iowa director calls you, your pet’s cremated remains will be returned to you in a memory box.  Pet parents tell us they also place their pet’s collar, leash, and photos here for safe keeping. You will also receive a clay paw print, a fur clipping, digital paw print so you can order any custom keepsake jewelry and your pet’s cremation documents. We also have a guestbook for a pet-obituary on our website. If you would like your pet’s photo on this page, we would be happy to upload it for you.

Pet Cremation Iowa also have a wide variety of affordable urns and memorialization items such as jewelry, memory glass, shadow boxes that can be customized in your pet’s honor. Pet caskets are also available.

What is the Difference between Pet Crematories?

Our priority is to perform only private pet cremations so that you are guaranteed the cremated remains (cremains) you get back, are actually your pet.  We believe that our pets are our family too and deserve that respect.

The level of our personal service is extraordinary.  Should you choose us at some point in your future, your pet is NEVER out of our care for one minute.  From the time we pick them up and wrap them in a soft blanket they are in our care.  Should you choose to witness the process, this can be arranged in advance. We have nothing to hide and seek to earn your trust. Our trained professionals and facilities provide the utmost peace of mind that your loved one is taken care of with dignity.

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