Benefits of Planning Ahead

Plan For Tomorrow Today

Did you know you can pre-plan for your pet’s end of life care? Most pet parents are unaware that this is not only available, but it is becoming increasingly popular service Pet Cremation Iowa offers. Why? As a society we plan. We plan for everything from our vacations, grandchildren’s college fund, retirement, and our own end of life care. Some of us even plan our vacations around pet day care or the ability to take our pets with us and stay at pet friendly accommodations.



Why Plan Ahead?

There are 5 important reasons to plan ahead.

  1. You can make a non-reactive decision about the many options service and cremation options available.
  2. If you chose to pre-pay, it will lock in the cost, therefore enabling you to focus on your pet.
  3. When the time comes to say good-bye, with one call, you can set your plan into action.
  4. There is an action plan in place if your pet’s death should happen while you are on vacation.
  5. If you should die before your pet, it’s one less expense for their new owner or foster to take on.

Finally, pet parents tell us it feels good knowing their plans are in order. We all know that if your pet does not die naturally, its difficult, let alone emotional to make the decision to euthanize. Planning ahead provides you peace of mind knowing there is a path to follow.


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