A Compassionate and Caring Choice

  • A cot or a travel case for transportation and cremation.
  • Same day transportation from your home or clinic.
  • Transportation using only a clean passenger vehicle (no cargo vans).
  • A banded tracking system that is exactly the same as used for human family members.
  • Immediate return of ashes.
  • Return of ashes by our staff to your home of clinic (never by mail or common carrier).




Pricing Information

Private Cremation:  Our pet cremations are done one at a time only and your pet is placed in the cremation chamber alone. Your pet’s ashes are available in most instances within 24 hours or always within 48 hours.

Our cremation service is for those that wish to have the cremated ashes of their pet returned to them. The costs for this type of cremation includes the following:

Weight Pet Cremation Services Burial Services
1 – 74 Pounds

75 – 149 Pounds






Pocket Pets such as mice, ferrets, birds, and hamsters.





After business hours, if your pet dies and you do not want to wait until the next business day, you can call us at (515)689-5522. At that time, we can either dispatch staff to come to your house or you can schedule a time to meet with our staff at our facility for you to bring your pet to our care. Please know that our staff is also home with their families and it will take them a few minutes to reach our facility.

Our team members do make in home removals, there is an additional fee above and beyond the cremation or burial fee.

Removal Fee $125.00

Delivery Fee



Note: Unless it’s an emergency or a very large animal, most pet parents are comfortable with waiting until the next business day. Our care team will gladly guide you on how to care for your pet in the interim. 


Use of Pet Cremation Iowa for viewing to say “Goodbye” No Charge

Use of Pet Cremation Iowa for small gathering



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